Rubinacci was founded in 1932 by Gennaro Rubinacci who, considered an arbiter elegantiarum by young friends of good families, was constantly consulted for advice on the cut and choice of fabrics.

The constant participation of suit fittings of the Neapolitan nobility became such a beloved event that Gennaro Rubinacci began to fantasize with the idea of creating his own workshop and thus he opened the London House. The name derives from the love and attraction Gennaro had for English fabrics and for the fact that at the time London was the undisputed capital of masculine elegance, although his workshop was centered on the idea of what is now globally known as the ‘Neapolitan Style’: a jacket with a light, empty shoulder, without padding and with soft details; a jacket so light and soft that it can be folded up to eight times. The exact opposite, therefore, of the ‘Savile Row Style’ built on the ideal of shape given by padding, layers and wadding necessary to create the perfect silhouette.

Mariano, son of Gennaro, took the reins of the family business as soon as he was 18 and perpetuated his father’s vision of Neapolitan elegance towards Tokyo, New York, Singapore and many other cities until 50 years later to open the English single-brand store in London, on Mount Street, Mayfair, to, as he claims ‘close the loop’.

Today Mariano and his son Luca, the third generation of the family to run the atelier, have spread the world of Neapolitan tailored style across the globe, meeting private clients – one to one – offering them a bespoke service all around.


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